May 2006 - Tokyo & Europe

I will admit to sleeping in on my first morning in Prague. With no plane to catch, bags to pack and not limited in time there was nothing I needed more.

The plan was just to wander and see a few random sites on my first day, but my feet had other plans, they led me straight up the hill to Prague Castle. For starters, how pretty is that Castle, perched up on the hill and secondly what about the view from the top? All the many layers of views actually. The one from the Tower of St Vitus' Cathedral and from outside the Castle grounds, the Old Royal Palace view and the view from the Gardens on the side of the Castle. Wow.

To take pictures inside the Cathedral you had to pay extra and personally I didn't think people should pay the extra money, so I managed to sneak in a few piccies when the Security guard was looking the other way. Only problem is that I don't feel the pictures do the stained glass windows ANY justice, expecially when the bright sun was shining through. Yes, that's right, I've put away the Umbrella and wished I had remembered my sunglasses that were in my suitcase. It was also warmer, but let's get back to the Castle.

Finished wondering around St Vitus' Cathedral (which for those who don't know it is the one with the spires, the most recognisable feature of Prague Castle. I then went to the Old Royal Palace where I met my first Aussies in my entire trip. This Aussie (from Brisbane) offered to take a piccie of me overlooking Prague and the Charles Bridge. Him and his wife (I think) were at the start of a 7 week round the world trip and Prague was their first stop.

I spent the rest of the afternoon walking around the different buildings within the Castle, a $4 can of Sprite later (at least I got to sit down, lucky I didn't order food) and way too many sculptures of Jesus on the Cross I walked around Hradcany (I shall remember this place as Hard Candy), which is next to the Castle. This was around the time I started running out of memory on my camera, so back to the Hotel I went.

I wasn't really hungry so I was planning a quick, cheap eat that did not involve the Golden Arches. I found one of the Lonely Planet Cafes (after being unsucessful with one), had a glance of the menu... perfect, I headed inside. Little did I know that the Cafe was different to the restaurant and I followed the signs to the Restaurant. Maybe it was fate telling me to have a hearty meal, or maybe I just can't read the signs, all I know is that I stumbled into this quaint little basement with red candles and roses. It ended up being a very enjoyable meal and on the way out I did find the entrance to the Cafe. Two waiter's had been blocking my view on arrival. I thought it was just the bar.