January 2010 - New York

Why did I plan on heading to Soho the day that it decides to poor rain with a wind that bent my umbrella out of shape? Well that’s what happened, it was wet, nasty and I got down to Soho about an hour before the shops opened... Oops!

I was a girl on a mission though. I came to search out Marc Jacobs and that is exactly what I did. I wandered around until the stores opened and then set myself loose for an hour before meeting up with Sandra for lunch. I stopped off at the Soho Apple Store before a very conservative shopping hour that consisted of me buying only one top.

Sandra had recommended a place called the Delicatessen down in Soho. Couldn’t have picked a better stopped if I had tried. Funky little Deli serving massive sandwiches with fries. I wished Mum was here so we could have shared! Half the sandwich and most of the chips went uneaten.

After lunch Sandra and I walked around Soho for a bit longer, chatting about everyone at the Four Seasons, talking about her soon to be new job (she had had a job offer that morning). I found the Crystallise shop that specialises in ALL the Swarovski crystals. All my dancing friends would be SO jealous. I don’t know how long I spent there, but it was a while (the fact that it was raining outside just made me want to stay longer). Time was ticking on and the last store that I HAD to find today was Marc by Marc Jacobs, but little did I know that the street that it was on bent and headed up into the Village so when we realised this Sandra was all ready to head on home and leave the walking to me, but just as we went to part ways Rindi (our other friend) calls to say that she will be meeting up with us. So I ended up with company all the way up to the Marc by Marc Jacobs accessory store. Now in my last travels to the states I came across this store in San Francisco, the problem? It was just before Trent and I were driving back to the airport, I barely had time to walk in and walk out. But now? I only felt bad that Sandra had to wait for me.

After the accessories store Rindi had met with us and we continued to the woman’s store. I didn’t try anything on (I thought, hey, I can always come back). So we all went and grabbed a coffee at a French Patisserie still in the Village. We chatted the afternoon away over bowls of coffee and hot chocolate and by the time I realised it was 5 and I needed to be heading back the Hotel. It was Ice Hockey night.

Madison Square Garden. Ice Hockey. Hot Dog. Coke. A Penguins Win and a walk back through Time Square to the Hotel. Another good night? Most Definitely. The game was great in the first couple of minutes (the Penguins scored a great goal) but after that it seemed that the Rangers were unable to score and the Penguins were going downhill. When the Rangers finally did score late in the second period they scored twice and things did not look great for the Penguins. Penalties were scarce in the first two periods, but as things got desperate in the third the fists starting coming out. Penguins have close to 6 minutes of penalties and somehow the Rangers did not score on the Power Play (Rangers supporters weren't happy about that). In fact at the end of the penalties Penguins scored twice in the space of a minute. With a minute to go I blinked and noticed that the Rangers had pulled their goalie off for an extra player. I had never seen this live before. So did it work? Did the Rangers score? Haha, no Penguins caught a loose puck and sent it into the goal from the halfway line. Final score 4-2. Ranger's fans not happy at all.

One thing I noticed about New York crowds, they don't do motivating chants. You know when the beat to we will rock you comes on and everyone claps and bangs their feet. Well the song comes on... and nothing happens. There is a certain 'I'm a New Yorker and I don't do that.' mentality in the crowd.

After the game I walked back up to Time's Square to take some pictures (unfortunately none really worthy of posting) and got back to the Hotel the earliest I had been there in three days and decided I needed to catch some zzz's more than I needed to blog.