October 2007 - Singapore & Langkawi

So, I’m sipping a Pina Colada looking out over the water, on a swinging chair with nothing but fond memories of this place. It doesn’t get any better than this. Today was my last full day and I decided to take full advantage by starting my morning with breakfast. Chicken Ham and Chicken Bacon, ewww. The first thing I’m eating when I get home is REAL bacon, but their chocolate chip pancakes were yum.

I then appealed to the hospitable people at reception to show me a beach villa and the royal villa. For starters the beach villa is huge, with it’s own plunge pool, outdoor shower, indoor bath and shower, spa tables, day bed, outdoor seating for 4 (I took piccies, it was spectacular). Next I was taken to the royal villa and although the size is clearly bigger, it’s own private pool, dining for 8, two bedrooms both in their own villas I still preferred the feel of the beach villa, even though the royal was very excluded. Shame they are looking at demolishing that room for an even larger royal villa.

I jumped in the kayak again and this time hugged the coast line for a while until it came to a bay like area with a couple of small islands, did a circle and headed back. Must be getting better at this, didn’t sweat half as much as the first time and I was kayaking for about the same amount of time (maybe a little less). Beach, book, swim.

Spoiled for choice at the Spa I decided on a facial this time around which was really nice and apparently it lasts for two weeks, YAY! Since I am missing out on dancing tonight I thought it best to hit the gym, the guy there helped me with working the machines (I don’t do gyms). We had a laugh, I said gyms were boring. I began warming down and he said I should work on my flexibility next, my reply was dropping into the splits, he just had a stunned look and said,

“Ok, you’re flexible enough.”

He is going to be my tennis buddy tomorrow, so that should be fun.

It takes about an hour to get ready for a big night out, especially with a hairdryer that takes about triple the time of the one at home. I was running late, I wanted the swinging chair at Rhu Bar for sunset. It was 615 and sunset was at 7 but you have to be very lucky to score the swinging chair. It’s in the sand with nothing but the sand and water in front of you, the perfect spot to spend the beginning of your evening. Except for when it starts raining, which it did and my swinging chair experience had been defeated. My legs were wet and so was my laptop, I had to go back inside.

Dinner was at the feature restaurant of the Hotel, Ikan Ikan, which was named the best oriental restaurant in Malaysia. Everything that I wanted to eat all had two chillis next to it on the menu so I decided to suffer. I had stir fried beef with chilli and basil, it was something very similar to what you would find in a Thai restaurant here. It was very nice, but it couldn't compete with the the previous nights meal. The fried rice was delicious but there was just too much food. The waiter was like my mum saying that people eat a lot more in the restaurant, just take a break and then start again. It was sweet but I knew how full I was, finishing the entire meal was just not going to happen.

At the end of the meal she pointed out a Gekko that was just outside from my table. She was all excited because she tries to explain the difference between a gekko and a lizard without being able to show someone what a gekko looks like and she said this was her first time. She showed the people at the other table too and then when the man left to talk on his mobile phone I started talking to the lady left at the table. She was also from Sydney, Mosman to be exact, they were flying on the same flight as me the next night. She eventually found out that I worked for Four Seasons,

"So why did you choose Four Seasons?"

Haha. Because it chose me.

I gave her advice for her next trip, being the ever tireless Four Seasons promoter I am. We discussed the lack of decent resorts in Australia amoungst other things. It was good to chat before heading back to the room to start packing. Pirates of the Carribean, Dead Man's Chest was on TV. I finished packing (or everything that I could pack) about half way through the movie, I tried to watch the end in bed but gave up after about 10 minutes, I needed sleep.