May 2006 - Tokyo & Europe


I always knew there were going to be a few tough times and times that I wished I was in Sydney, but as expected I wouldn’t have changed the experience for the world, the good far outweighed the bad (and even then it wasn’t really bad).

MEMORABLE MOMENTS (I’ve kept it to one per city/area)

  1. The night on the town with Emi, Miyo and Edgar in Shibuya, Tokyo
  2. The first drive from Nice airport to Four Seasons at Terre Blanche
  3. The first time I saw all the sites of Paris by taxi in the space of 5 minutes
  4. Catching up with all my friends in London
  5. That awesome giant swing in Tivoli Gardens
  6. Prague Castle of course! Especially the views and St. Vitus’ Cathedral


I learnt that I have a sometimes uncanny sense of direction. As long as I'm armed with a map, or I've been there before I end up exactly where I want to be. Although in saying that I am better in cities, there were a couple of times in Provence where even though I knew where I was, I felt lost.

The only time I tended to feel ‘alone’ was when you asked for a table for one at a restaurant (notice this didn’t stop me getting out there!) During the day it only came up when I knew someone at home would just find what I was looking at amazing. I loved being able to plan my day, do what I wanted and spend as much time somewhere as I needed. I am sure that I wouldn’t have seen all the things I saw if I was travelling with someone.

Changing Hotels every couple of days got pretty annoying, all the packing and repacking, without that, I could have easily gone another month.

The best shopping is in Tokyo, then London.

I took over 2,000 photos, but with deletions it is down to around 1,400.

I’d do it again in a second, without a doubt! I recommend anyone thinking of doing a trip like this to jump right in!