May 2006 - Tokyo & Europe

My Last Supper at Four Seasons in Prague was delicious and probably the best meal of the trip. I had some juicy chicken that came with some melt in the mouth mash potato. I said in one of my earlier blogs that there are two desserts that I could never pass up on a menu, Warm Chocolate Pudding and Chocolate Mousse, guess what turned up on the menu in Prague, that’s right Chocolate Mousse. I almost started laughing out loud in the middle of a full restaurant on my own because I could hardly believe it. Oh and yes, it absolutely made the meal.

Speaking of eating on my own I am sure I overheard the conversation at the table next to me. They were speculating on what my story was, why I was at the restaurant alone. Their conclusion?

"She must be a trophy wife."

The ultimate label.

After dinner I was going to head out and take a few more pictures of Prague at night but unfortunately it was raining and I didn’t fancy getting wet, nor did I know if the pictures would be worth it. I satisfied myself with my final jigsaw puzzle (ie. packing my bags for the last time). So there I was with a glass of wine trying to make everything fit like Tetris (sadly when you make a line it doesn't erase). By the time I finished my suitcase was 27kg, after starting with 22kg (not including any Japan stuff, because Jonno was kind enough to bring that home for me). I had also added another bag to my hand luggage.

The next and final morning I had to check out at 12 but I wasn’t going to the airport until 5pm, so I spent the last afternoon photo hunting around Prague and enjoying my final Hot Dog in Old Town Square.

My plane was once again delayed, the only problem was that this flight crew seemed to be completely disorganised when compared with the flight crew in Copenhagen. Time was ticking away and I knew if the plane got stuck on the ground taxiing to the gate that I was really going to cut it fine. I tried to find out what was happening, unfortunately my concerns were falling on deaf ears and hostesses that didn’t understand the process that we have to go through to change terminals at Heathrow. In the end the Hostess said that she would check with the ground staff, which she never did, just wished me good luck making my flight (HA! Like that is going to help!) I made it to the gate with about enough time to go to the bathroom and that was that, I was on my way home, 24 hours of travel ahead of me. Thankfully I did get a bit of time to look around Bangkok airport before jumping back on the plane through to Sydney.