August 2011 - Chicago & LA

1. I have learnt that is ok to ask for a glass of champagne in Business Class at 6am in the morning. And no, that wasn't me. It was the lady I walked past on the way to my much smaller seat.

  1. I have never seen a plane as empty as the one to Auckland. None of the middle seats were in use. I have also never been on a plane that takes off on the third runway BEFORE crossing the East-West Runway... Kudos to the pilot but I think the lack of weight had something to do with it.

  2. I have NEVER seen a pilot, in the middle of boarding, push through all the passengers on an urgent errand to come back five minutes later with a bag of takeaway food. I swear this happened at LAX, the land of the badly clothed, generally rushed and bothered american holiday makers at their shining best. LAX isn't good for much but the people scenery is... eye catching...
    That midriff showing of your fat rolls is not a good look you teeny bopper tramp, I recommend a paperbag, it would draw less attention.

  3. Dear Starbucks,
    If you have twenty people waiting for coffee that might (and I emphasise MIGHT) be the time you start taking names on the orders. I almost stole someone's hot chocolate only to have someone steal Mum's latte when my order was finally made. Also having two Starbucks in the same terminal within 100 metres of each other doesn't make you better, it just means there is less chance of actually finding a decent coffee... for Mum (that would have sounded better if I was the one that actually drank coffee).

I thought by getting the first 25 hours out of the way in the quickest way possible would mean I could get to the good stuff earlier but now I realise I haven't been in a horizontal position for 31 hours. Ciao peeps. I'm going to sleep.