Once again we have arrived at the unpublished last day of my journey. It is now a few years down the track so here is what I remember.

This was the first time I found the Marc by Marc Jacobs store and the first time I found those awesome keyrings. I would trek around the world for then until now looking for the stores (and subsequently the keyrings), even though I have a supply now. The shop was out on Filmore street, a funky little shopping area where we stopped for a very filling (and good) pasta lunch.

I also remember that I meant to make the comment that San Francisco should be called 'The land of the Prius' and stopping at a park to take pictures of the most photographed houses in San Francisco... Did I also drive down the crookedest street in the world. I know I drove down it at some point. Trent drove once, I drove next, someone got out of the car and walked to the bottom quicker than the other drove.

When directing Trent on the road, you have to be specific, if you're watching a barrier on the side of the road getting so close to your car that you are holding your breathe you'd better hope that you have enough words in your vocabulary to tell Trent exactly what your concern is. I mean fair enough, 'Trent' in a warning tone is probably not going to help him as much as, 'You're too close on the left'. Thankfully the cars and us survived our driving adventure on the other side of the road.

And that my friends is the end of another adventure.