Why did we have a ham and cheese crossiant from the bakery across the road before walking down to the waterfront and the Farmer's Markets? Fresh food stalls outside with all types of goodies and inside all the high end shops with meats, wine, cheese and chocolate. Maybe that crossiant was a good thing afterall, that and the fact that the shops were only just opening up when we arrived.

More walking took us around the Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf where Trent and I had a little fun in the magnet store before finding Ghirardelli Square and THE chocolate store. Needless to say we purchased some beef... I mean chocolate :)

Since we had walked so far and the queue was not so big we jumped on the famous San Francisco Cable Car back to Market Street. We both had a turn standing on the outside of the Cable Car which was pretty fun. The tram in front of us broke down on a hill, so we had to wait five minutes until the truck came to push (and then when it got to Market Street pull) the Cable Car back to the depot. Trent's comment was, "I guess they just keep them running for the tourists, they have trucks driving around the city ready for this to happen." Yep, I agree with that.

After a little but more of a walk around in the city and then some relaxing time in the room we headed out to San Jose for an Ice Hockey game. On the way we saw Four Seasons Hotel Palo Alto (I hadn't realised it was that close to things, I didn't look up their comp nights!) Then we drove through a bit of Palo Alto (very leafy, very nice houses), we drove through Stanford University and found Yahoo headquarters (there were other HQ's but that was the largest we saw). We unfortunately turned off the road one stop too late to look around Google HQ, a little disappointing but I'll live.

We got to San Jose and found the HP Pavilion very quickly (there were signs everywhere). Since we were early we decided that we could do better than $20 for parking, so we drove around the city and watched as parking became cheaper and cheaper. Finally we settled on a parking lot that had a sign saying $5, however when Trent went to pay they said after 6 was FREE. SCORES!

Walking along to the game we were surrounded by Sharks fans (The San Jose Sharks), most had season tickets and let's just say at the game, people not wearing jersys or Sharks t-shirts were in the minority.

When we went to pick up our tickets at Will Call they told us that the transaction was cancelled and that we no longer had our tickets (Note that we had the confirmation and the transaction was cancelled 8 days after purchase with no notification). Very lucky that this was only a Pre Season game, so they weren't sold out. We ended up saving $25 each per ticket buying them at the door. The tickets were pretty good, they were on the side at one end.

Dinner was a Jumbo Dog but there was nothing Jumbo about it, it was a Hot Dog, a normal sized Hot Dog. I realised afterwards that the Chicago Dog is the foot long dog that is more jumbo (but you pay an extra two bucks for that). The guy next to me was eating peanuts and I found out where all the peanut shells go.... straight on the ground between his legs creating a nice little pile for me to walk through.

The stadium isn't as big as Acer Arena (Superdome) in Sydney, but it's a lot more hightech. Where the Superdome has permanent advertising banners running between the upper and lower sections, at HP Pavilion in San Jose that is a LCD screen running around the entire arena, continually changing it's advertising. In the middle were 4 huge HD screens that could zoom in on a puck on the ice without loosing picture quality.

I've got to finishing packing now. I will talk about the game and the rest of my stay in San Fran later.