April 2007 - China

I have this nasty habit of never writing and/or publishing the last day of my trip. It is almost tradition now. I get wrapped up in going back to the real world that I forget all the wonderful things that happen in those final hours of holidaying.

So I don't remember the story about my credit card declining in Hong Kong, but I do remember walking outside to the Hotel car that had been booked to take me to the airport...

"We have upgraded your car."

And there sitting in the driveway was a Bentley.

Mum and Dad were floored as they were staying in Hong Kong a couple of extra days and were not travelling with me. I had the whole Bentley to myself, driver and all. I was almost embarassed when he asked if I was travelling First or Business Class and I had to sheepishly say Economy, but still BENTLEY! I think Dad has a picture of it, I need to find out.

I also remember that wonderful meal in Caprice, the one we didn't get the usual 50% discount on. The mash potato served in a glass container, lid and all; watching the kitchen cook all the wonderful food; the little stools for our bags. I need to go back to Hong Kong.

Oh and then there is the Hotel's infinity pool on Level 6, overlooking the harbour and Kowloon. Oh my god!

And that is what I remember of my final hours in Hong Kong... Luxury and decadence.

As for the trip to China you ask?
Eye-opening, mind-boggling preserved history, delicious food (minus those crab dumplings), fast-paced culture where you adapt or get run over by a car, or a bike, or a sea of people.

Bei-Jing-Huang-Ying-Ni say goodnight, until next time peeps.