September 2008 - USA

The beginning of yet another trip and that also means another blog. Today you will find me in Hawaii on a partly Four Seasons sponsored holiday. After winning the Management Christmas Drinks Raffle my next trip was suddenly all planned out for me, the only problem left was the prize was for two people, who do I take?

The answer came when my brother starting going beyond the prize that I won and planning not only a trip to Hawaii but a driving trip over part of the States as well. Needless to say this offer was hard to refuse and thus begins our trip.

Our first stop was the Big Island of Hawaii, but that was only to come after 10 hours on a flight where I was wedged between one brother and one snoring American. Not the most comfortable flights, but certainly not the worse I have experienced. The service was borderline excruciatingly slow. They started serving dinner within the first half an hour of Indiana Jones and when they finally cleared my tray the credits were almost on. But enough Qantas bashing (at least for now). Although the service was slow we did make it to Honolulu on time before flying onto Kona. So 17 hours from starting off we made it to the Hotel.

Side Note: At Sydney airport, through the additional security screening for the States they waved me straight through but Trent looked dodgey J so they went through EVERYTHING he was carrying, taking ff shoes and another metal detector.

We were greeted at the Hotel by a very familiar face. My friend Jessica had come out to greet us and I was given the traditional lei and Trent was given a wooden beaded necklace. At around 3 we decided to wait to eat until dinner early. This was fine until about 4pm when I started getting very hungry, but there were cookies in the room (and champagne and fruit) so I managed instead to….

  1. Walk around the Hotel

  2. Fall asleep ever so briefly

  3. Take a relaxing Hot Tub experience a few steps from our room

There is a small pool and spa right in front of our room (adults only) and the view looks straight onto the clearly man made beach (white sand) and straight out onto the ocean. After a long flight this was perfect. I think I was half asleep when I picked up a towel meant for the beach lounge. Here I was thinking this towel is huge, until I saw the pocket, it wrapped around me almost three times.

Trent really needs to stop watching Destroyed in Seconds, it’s massively distracting when trying to write a blog. But he’s right in saying

“With a title like that you don’t need to know what it’s about, you already know it’s good.”

So back to blog. Dinner last night we met Jessica’s other half, Graham who convinced us to eat in The Bar rather than their full restaurant. Spot on because I was more than satisfied with a Pizza and Trent had his 1st burger of our trip (I told him I was going to keep tally of this). Graham bought us out some delicious traditional pork from the Chef, according to Graham the Chef had a little trouble on what to give us, he got there in the end and we were so stuffed we didn’t even look at the dessert menu.

It’s so bizarre, there is only a 4 hour difference between here and Sydney but a whole day behind. You over there have finished work and are bringing in the weekend. I am here about to fall asleep thinking how am I going to spend my Friday at leisure. Goodnight everyone!