August 2011 - Chicago & LA

Maybe if I start talking about it now I won't feel so stuffed because of it. Deep Dish Pizza of Death. I don't know whether to hug you or to throw you up. You were so good with those first few bites, but I think it was a honeymoon that ended in a quick divorce. The early memories were good, so good, but it all went downhill way too fast. I wanted to finish you, but you would not let me. Was it your cheese? I think it was the cheese. DDPoD - Do you have a thin base like a normal pizza? Are you just filled with an inch of cheese with a sprinkling of other ingredients on top? I think you are and I think you are worse than all the cheese I ate in Italy (and I ate a lot of cheese). We hadn't eaten all day bar ice cream and a muffin. We were ready for you. I was ready for you. We ordered you in a medium because we wanted to make sure we had enough (and $16 for a small sounded a little small when sharing between two) but you surprised us all. 6 slices and we only managed about one and a half slices each. DDPoD - we had to leave half of you behind because you wouldn't fit in our stomachs. Do you know how much we wished to bring you home as leftovers? I just don't think you would taste that good cold. Alas we had some laughs and stumbled back to the room, leaving the chocolate chip cookie dessert on the menu but in desperate need for a Fruit Tingle (two actually). DDPoD - I wish Dad and Trent would have had a go at you... let them see how much better they can do with you because we did way worse than those people in a very early episode of the Amazing Race, but now I understand how difficult that challenge was.