June 2015 - Florida

There's not a whole lot going on in Palm Beach, well not compared with the chaos of the last 4 days. Sleep ins and pool times are assumed daily activities and there has been lots of sitting around waiting for one of the three travellers left on this adventure to be ready.

In some respects this is a good thing, in others it is bad. For example it is now 11.11am, half the day is already gone and the most we have achieved is breakfast. It's like slamming on the brakes after hurtling down the road at break neck speeds. This is Mum and Dad's pace and I have to say after two days I'm ready to accelerate again.

But I must say leisurely driving around Palm Beach is an eye opening experience. The mansions on along the waterfront seem to grow ever larger, their little beach houses on the other side of the road (right on the water) are probably linked by tunnels because I can't imagine Donald Trump walking across from his estate to go to the beach. And the $$$ that must be up for grabs in the landscaping business is mind boggling. I wonder if your neighbours complain when your 8 or 9 foot hedges become a little unruly. Oh and as much as I like tennis I don't like the idea of paying $3500 a year to join the tennis club, or the $12,000 initiation fee.

I guess Palm Beach could be considered our holiday's lazy weekend. Bring on Miami tomorrow.